Tuesday, November 27, 2007

All you slingers and fiends hide behind your rocks
put down your guard I'm not here to box
this is no showdown so throw down your guns
you see it doesn't matter where you come from
you could be from park ave or from a park bench
you could be a politican or a bitchy princess
but if you're lookin' for a fist and you're lookin' to unite
put your knuckleheads together make a fist and fight
not to your death and not to your grave
I'm talking about that freedom fight like a brave

fight like a brave
don't be a slave
no one can tell you
you've got to be afraid

If you're sick-a-sick'n'tired of being sick and tired
if you're sick of all the bullshit and you're sick of all the lies
it's better late than never to set-a-set it straight
you know the lie is dead so give your self a break
get it through your head get if off your chest
get it out your arm because it's time to start fresh
you want to stop dying the life you could be livin'
I'm here to tell a story but I'm also here to listen
no I'm not your preacher and I'm not your physician
I'm just trying to reach you I'm a rebel with a mission

fight like a brave
don't be a slave
no one can tell you
you've got to be afraid

I'm here today to pump up the uplift mofo party plan
a plan based on a band, a band based on a plan
there should be no slaves in the land of lands it's a hollywood jam

You say you're running and you're running and you're running afraid
you say you ran across the planet but you couldn't get away
the fire in your brain was driving you insane
you were looking for a day in a life that never came
so don't tell me that I've got to take a number
cause I've been to that doctor and believe me that's a bummer
here's a one of a kind convention of the mind
and don't forget to mention that it doesn't cost a dime
come as you like and leave any time
and one more thing you know it doesn't have to rhyme

fight like a brave
don't be a slave
no one can tell you
you've got to be afraid...


Sunday, November 18, 2007

dino iki kok aku
kangen banged karo aRRa...

tetep semangat

Thursday, November 1, 2007

feta ade wardian A.K.A ngendok wes bablas tekan solo.....

sopo meneh sing arep minggat kieeeeeeee

satu persatu sahabat pergi.....
dan tak kan pernah kembali.....[IF]

Saturday, September 29, 2007



Friday, August 3, 2007

adem tenan jebulnya